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Hurricane Sandy left a trail of devastation and debris across the entire Eastern Seaboard, causing more than $75B in damage. Residents returned to the former resort area after the eleven-foot storm surge receded to find thousands of tons of sand and storm debris covering the streets and spilling out of broken windows and doors. Homes, businesses, and popular gathering spots were gutted by powerful waves, burned by fires that broke out near ruptured gas lines, and buried in sand brought by the floods.

Navillus Digs Rockaway Out After Hurricane Sandy

Over 150 Navillus employees pitched in to help unbury the historic Rockaway neighborhood, and their contribution continued long after the initial cleanup. Neighborhood families and shopkeepers were grateful for Navillus’ health and safety training, which prepared them to work safely in flood-impacted buildings and homes as the rebuilding effort progressed.

Hurricane Sandy was devastating, but it was also a chance to rediscover the best in this remarkable community. Navillus volunteers were privileged to get to know many of the residents who lived in Rockaway and Breezy. They are wonderful people, and held their spirits high despite the destruction that swept through their homes and community. Volunteers felt honored to serve neighborhood families in their time of need, and the Navillus family was moved by the storm victims’ heartfelt gratitude despite the grief over their loss.

Sandy taught us all that our community is stronger than ever in this great city. The Navillus family has come to realize through this tragedy that when we all work together, there is nothing we can't achieve.

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