Apple Flagship Store

New York, NY

Installation of Over 4,500 Sq. Ft. of Limestone

One of the world’s leading technology companies enlisted the help of Navillus to construct its flagship retail store in Manhattan’s SoHo district. For this project, Apple Computers handpicked Navillus from a pool of the city’s finest, most renowned contractors–a true testament to Navillus’s pre-eminence in the industry.

Navillus’s team of professionals expertly installed over 4,500 square feet of limestone on the entire ground floor, the entrance staircase, the entrance and exterior walls, and the restrooms. The project required painstaking precision, allowing a variance of no more and no less than 1/64th-inch–a task that Navillus’s experts meticulously executed.

The exterior Indiana limestone was installed to the exact dimensions of the original construction in accordance with the requirements of a building located in a landmark district.

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