The High School For Law Enforcement & Public Safety

Queens, NY

New York’s Largest SCA Project Ever

Navillus began Masonry work on The High School of Law Enforcement in March 2002, and completed work on this multimillion dollar project in February 2003.

The largest SCA project ever in New York, its scale of masonry work is worthy of only the most experienced subcontractor. Navillus has been able to rely on past experience with similarly sized projects in preparation during the pre-construction phase. By using modern technology and proven managerial methods, Navillus successfully completed this project and exceeded schedule.

We used approximately one million pieces of brick, 350,000 finished blocks, 125,000 glazed tile blocks and 5,000 linear feet of cast stone. Seven different colors of brick have been incorporated into the facade and the use of a glazed brick means Navillus, as always, upholds a higher standard for quality workmanship.

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